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We are still in the planning stages of our trip. The general idea is to pack up the van with everything we need and head off on a 4 and a half month lap of Aus. We realise that 4 and a half months isn't a long amount of time to do a whole lap and so it will be jam-packed with travel and activities. This means that we wont have a lot of rest days, which will really make us appreciate our sleeps ins when we get them and our morning coffee on the daily.

Taking Leni with us means that we can't stay in National Parks and on some reserves which makes planning slightly more difficult although it's a small sacrifice if it means Leni can come along with us.

We have a cork board map of Aus with two different coloured pins, silver for the planned route and gold for the route actually taken.

Although there is some degree of planning required, we will still take each day as it comes and figure out our journey along the way.

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