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When we bought our Sonny van, there were quite a few improvements that we needed to make before we could begin. In the cab, small things like wiper blades, gearstick boot/knob and headlight globes but also bigger things like the a/c pipe replacement, sliding door handle installation, seatbelt replacements, dash/air vent replacement.

We also need to have a second passenger seat fitted for Saige to travel as well, which means our van needs to be re looked over and approved by the SA authorities.

We bought a second hand chair with the right certifications to make life easier when getting it approved by the authorities.


After extensive research on van fit outs and camper-van styles,  we are going to go with white and wooden colour theme. Being a SWB van it's only small and so the lighter colours  should open it up a bit and make the space feel bigger.  We have lined up gold finishes to be installed, a similar style to our house build and so we can't wait for the final look to come together. 

We took inspiration from different sources and came up with a layout that works best for our tiny space and our family.


386 screws and bolts were removed from the previous fit out. This in turn left a lot of holes which then needed to be plugged and filled. Waterproofing the floor again was the biggest  concern that we had with these holes. This can cause our entire build to have to be pulled out and restarted if the floor was to take on water. So we made absolutely sure that no water was to come through them by bogging the holes, adding a layer of silicone and then waterproof taping over the top of this.

As our van came with a previously installed camper fit out, we had to remove it and a lot of dodgy work before we could start our proper fit out. With the delivery delays lately, we pre-ordered all of our parts and equipment prior to starting our fit out so that we weren't delayed mid build.

Our plan is to recycle and up-cycle as much of the old material as possible during our build. Making the most of the materials that are still in decent condition.

Admittedly we didnt really take into consideration the amount of extra work that it would be on top of the fit out. To even get it to an acceptable starting point was a mission.


We are going to do 90% of the build/fit out ourselves to save our budget. We are very fortunate to have such handy and knowledgable friends and family around us to give us a hand when and if we need.

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